Osama Sidat

Problem Solver

Software Developer, with a passion for solving problems.
Hobbyist Photographer. Tech Enthusiast. Culinary Experimenter.


I write about tech, cooking and life experiences


Demos of my code work and experiments
Rocks! Lasers! Profit!
An Asteroid Prospector game developed for the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2014, which won the regional grand prize in Kitchener-Waterloo. The goal of the game is to mine as many resources as possible before fuel runs out.
Leave A Note
A simple experiment with the MeteorJS framework and MongoDB to create public sticky notes and share them in real-time with any visitors of the site.
Attack of the Androids
A game where a spaceship prevents evil Androids from getting through. I'm currently working on this project to develop my iOS Game Development skills.
A simple MeteorJS tool, built on request, which provides a basic user interface to download a flat CSV of data that powers CoinMarketCap's crypto-currency charts.